“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr Seus


Reading is vital to develop children’s language, imagination and writing.

At Coupe Green will follow a child led, creative curriculum rooted in high quality texts.

Developing Early Reading

Reading consists of two dimensions, word reading and comprehension.

In EYFS and KS1 we teach children skills to decode words by breaking them down into single sounds, which they then blend together to read. These skills are developed through high quality daily phonics lessons.

Children are also taught how to identify and read ‘tricky words’ which can’t be segmented to decode, such as ‘was, said’.

Along with word reading skills teachers use questioning to develop children’s understanding, drawing on their knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and understand of the world.

Our aim is to develop a love of reading to create life long readers, who can read fluently, with expression and confidence.

We use a variety of reading schemes to support childrens needs and interests. The schemes can be found in the table below:

Scheme  Brilliant for… 
Project X -Engaging reluctant boy readers

-Mix of fiction and non- fiction


Pearson Bug Club -Linked to other curriculum subjects

-Hardback and electronic copies

-Can be accessed at home by parents

-Linked to real- life TV characters

-Independent reading

-Rewards- children can earn for their ‘bug’ house by reading texts and answering questions

-Develops comprehension

-Children are asked questions tailored to the New National Curriculum objectives for reading


Oxford Reading Tree -KS1

-Phonetical – application of phonics through reading

Collins Big Cat -Tailored to themes from the foundation subjects

– Mix of fiction, non- fiction and poetry texts


Top Tips for Home

Reading underpins all literacy skills and opens up a world of imagination and knowledge to children and adults alike.

To help children develop reading skills it is important for children to read and to be read to. Reading with your child daily helps immensely.

Links to Support at Home

Reading Ideas For Nursery Pupils

Reading Ideas For Reception Pupils

Reading Ideas – Phonics Play

Reading Ideas For KS1 Pupils

Reading Ideas For KS2 Pupils

Useful websites:

Phonics Play – (KS1)- boasts a range of free and interactive games and resources used to support children with their phonics.


BBC- range of hyperlinks to games, websites and activities


Love Reading4Kids- good for suggesting age and topic related books which match children’s interest levels


Really Good Stuff- links to other useful resources and interactive games


Topmarks- interactive games




“You can find


wherever you


sit back and relax,

all you need is a


Dr Seus