At the heart of our Science curriculum is a desire to engage our children in exploring the world around us, develop children’s natural curiosity and immerse them in practical and exciting investigations.

By supporting our children to plan and carry out experiments and improve their use and understanding of scientific language, we are equipping our children with the skills to think and work scientifically.

Some aspects of the science learning are creatively linked to the curriculum themes, whilst some are taught more discretely.  Lancashire’s Science Scheme provides a structure to ensure coverage throughout each Key Stage and reflects the changes in the National Curriculum.

The outdoor grounds have also been split into areas for each class to observe throughout the year.  This encourages the children to observe changes over time and collect information.

Science Days and Weeks also allow the children to be immersed in investigating an aspect of scientific learning.  Previously, the children have enjoyed learning how dinosaurs were excavated from their ice blocks using scientific understanding and problem solving.  The children have also been lucky enough to observe our slithery visitor, Sid the Snake, whilst being encouraged to find the answers to their thoughtful questions. We also enjoyed investigating and exploring different aspects of science during our ‘Mad Science’ assembly and club.