Welcome to Elm Class

In Elm Class we have 21 friendly Year 2 children who love having lots of fun learning new things. Our teacher is Miss Howlett and she is a very happy, caring teacher who plans lots of fun and exciting lessons and activities. In Elm Class, we are also very lucky to have a helpful teaching assistant called Miss Sullivan who makes us smile and helps us in lots of different ways. Some of our favourite lessons are PE, Maths and RE but we love our themes. We love to try our hardest and blow our teachers away with our super work.

We love learning lots of new things and we are super independent! You will always find us working hard whether that is in a lesson or in continuous provision. We love using our areas in our learning environment to practise and consolidate our skills independently. In our classroom, we have lots of areas- a role play corner, a reading corner, construction, writing, maths, science, computing, phonics and creative area. We are lucky enough to have a brand new outdoor area where we can follow our interests and learn whilst having lots of fun exploring too and continue our learning in fantastic spaces outdoors! Come and join us and take a look at our super learning around our classroom.

What have we been up to?

In Elm Class this Autumn term, we have been getting to know our new teachers and friends and learning the new routines and expectations in our new class now we are a little bit older!

We love our new theme “Dinosaurs!”. We have been digging up dinosaur discoveries to see what new information we can find out about dinosaurs. We have become amazing dinosaur hunters and palaeontologists!

In Science, we have been learning the names of lots of new dinosaurs and describing their features so we can sort and classify them into different groups. We were very interested about what dinosaurs ate so we will be making simple food chains and considering how all living things depend on one another to stay alive.

In History, we have become budding historians by raising questions we wanted to find out. We started by exploring how long ago dinosaurs lived and learning the names of the different periods in history: Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous! We have been using evidence- fossils, bones, diagrams, writing and pictures to discover how we know about dinosaurs today. We were very interested to know what really killed the dinosaurs too. We will be looking at lots of different possibilities, the evidence and using this to decide what we think really happened to the dinosaurs!

In Geography, we have been revising and learning the names of our continents and oceans. We have been using maps and atlases to locate places in the world where lots of fossils have been found. Did you know that when dinosaurs lived, the continents were all stuck together and called Pangea?

In Computing, we will be learning about searching safely for information on the internet and applying this to see what we can find out about dinosaurs. We will be learning to make our own powerpoint presentations that include inserted pictures and sounds to teach other children what we know about our favourite dinosaurs.

In English, we have been reading ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ by Julia Donaldson which has inspired us to make up our own stories with new characters. We have been learning how to make predicitions and skim and scan to answer questions carefully from a text. We have even started to develop our inference by becoming detectives to look for the best evidence to support what we think. We have also been collecting super language- especially adjectives and verbs which have then used in our own writing. We have been learning all about conjunctions and trying super hard to use different types of conjunctions in our writing. We are looking forward to writing our own dinosaur information texts too!

In Maths, we have been learning about place value! We have been looking at reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to 100. We have been comparing 2 digit numbers (in the context of the length of dinosaur bones) using < > = symbols. We have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s too by singing some fun songs too! We have really enjoyed learning to represent numbers in different ways using numberlines, beadstrings, base 10, jottings and even arrow cards!

We have really enjoyed thinking about our favourite places in RE considering why they are special to us and what makes them so special. We have started to consider how the church is a special place for Christians and comparing it to sacred buildings in other faiths- looking for similarities and differences.

Homework is set on a Friday and is handed in by the following Wednesday in Elm class. We have a pick and mix homework which we do each week but we get to choose which order we want to do them in. Homework is handed in on a Wednesday and then marked and handed back out on a Friday.

Elm class have a spelling test fortnightly on a Friday and they have a spelling investigation in which the children learn to explore a spelling rule. Then following this is a list of words for the children to learn which are then tested the following week. We love to beat our last score every week!