Our Vision

At Coupe Green, our mission is to create an inspirational and vibrant community where all members are able to achieve excellence as proud, confident individuals.


  • To ensure the safety of children is paramount.  If we have any concerns of a safeguarding nature we may share with the police or social care.
  • To develop children’s confidence and willingness to have a go and explore new opportunities.
  • To excite, encourage and inspire children’s love of learning through real purposeful experiences.
  • To respect others and celebrate diversity.
  • To welcome the families and wider community of Coupe Green to work collaboratively to enrich learning.
  • To provide excellent and exciting teaching and learning which enables all abilities to succeed.
  • To nurture and support each other when we need help.
  • To use our unique natural surroundings to encourage curiosity and adventure where children gain a love of the outdoors.
  • To inspire individuals to have ambition and drive to fulfil their true potential.
  • To teach a creative curriculum which develops individual’s knowledge and encourages reflective learning.

Throughout everything we do, all members of our school try and uphold the Coupe Green Values: –

  • Respect each other
  • Be Kind
  • Be Honest
  • Show Equality and Love to one another