Welcome to Maple Class

We have 26 happy, eager Year 4 and 5 children who have a love for learning! Our teacher is called Miss Littlefair and she is a caring, enthusiastic, fun teacher who plans lots of fun and exciting lessons and activities.

In Maple Class, we are very lucky to have amazing teaching assistants called Mrs Hull and Mrs Jones, who are always there to give a helping hand when you need them!

We love to learn in enjoyable and exciting ways. We are a hardworking, enthusiastic class who take pride in our work. Come and join us to see the wonderful things we do!

Please learn more about life in Maple Class by viewing our Meet The Teacher Presentation.

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Our themes this year are

Earth and space, Map skills, Ancient Greeks, Electricity and Abstract art. 

Maple Class Curriculum

Please view the planning documents below to see lots of the exciting things we learn about in Maple Class.

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In Maple Class, we are following our updated ‘Pick and Mix’ homework scheme, where we are given homework options for the half term and we complete at least two activities.  Our homework is due in on the last week of half term.

We are also asked to complete weekly activities – reading, times tables, and spellings. Reading – at least twice a week for 10 minutes on Bug Club. Times tables – at least 5 minutes on Times Tables Rockstar’s.

We are also given weekly spellings homework on a Friday, which is a combination of spelling investigation followed by spelling words to learn.

What have we been up to?

This term, children have loved Design Technology as they have researched, designed and created their own healthy sandwich based on the eatwell plate. In Geography, children have been using their excellent map skills to find counties and cities in the UK. They have also been locating European countries and marking them on a map. Whilst using our excellent map skills, we have been answering our Geography key question, 'What is trade and where do supplies come from?' In French, Maple have been learning numbers up to 30. Finally, we have had many practical Science lessons including using sieves and magnets to separate materials. We have also investigated which materials dissolve. 


In Autumn 1 we have written our own novel based on the Disney clip 'feast'. Children loved writing about Winston the dog and added their own character to further extend the story. In Guided Reading we have been reading 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. Children have loved interpreting the pictures which have hidden messages. Next, we will be reading explanation texts about digestion and will study the poem, 'The Highway Man'. 


In Maths, we have been looking at the place value of numbers, partitioning, rounding, and ordering numbers in different ways. We also practiced written and mental methods for addition and subtraction whilst applying them to worded problems. This term, we will work super hard to develop our confidence in learning our times tables! We will also focus on multiplication and division. Every day, we are enjoying taking part in the ‘fast 5’, developing our arithmetic skills which helps us share our calculations and misconceptions with the rest of the class.