As part of our school development plan, 2022-23, we are focusing on embedding children’s and adult’s understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

To support the achievement of this target, we have launched Wellbeing Workshops, which are designed to support families in understanding behaviour as communication, how to help children manage with big emotions and promote our families physical and mental wellbeing.

Our first workshop, which was held on Monday 6th February, was support by Child and Family Wellbeing, who are a superb resource in our area to support families. This page will enable you to view resources from the sessions, read notes from the presentations and see what is coming up next. If you would like any further information about the workshops and what’s on, please contact the school office, via [email protected] or 01254853518.

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Wellbeing Workshop 1 Managing Big Worries

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Wellbeing Workshop 2 Developing Understanding of Emotions and Behaviour as Form of Communication

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