Research has shown that homework can make a valuable contribution to pupils ’ progress at school. Evidence points to the fact that pupils in the highest achieving schools spend more time on learning activities at home than pupils in other schools.

At Coupe Green Primary school we believe that the purpose of homework is:

  • to develop and sustain an effective partnership with parents and carers in pursuing the aims of the school
  • to involve parents and carers in their children’s learning and to keep them informed about the work their children are doing.
  • to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding developed at school
  • to extend school learning
  • to encourage students to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own and prepare them for high school.

All children at Coupe Green receive weekly homework tailored to their learning needs.  Across school we use a ‘Pick and Mix’ homework format where children consolidate their basic skills in reading, spelling and maths as well as select two activities per half-term which focus on grammar (SPAG) and theme skills.  We believe giving children the choice to choose activities motivates them to continue learning at home, making homework more enjoyable and engaging for both children and parents.

We encourage children throughout school to read daily, EYFS & KS1 with an adult, to develop key reading skills such as segmenting, blending and comprehension, whilst developing a love for reading.


In all year groups we encourage children to change their own reading books and read daily. Through changing their own reading books the children are developing a love for reading. We suggest they read different types of media and various genres to access a rich diet of reading material.


All year groups receive spelling homework which consists of investigations, games or word lists for the children to learn. The words given to learn are then tested in school at the end of the teaching cycle, assessing the children’s understanding of the spelling rule or pattern.

At Coupe Green we strive to provide a creative and engaging curriculum. In order to ensure that children are immersed in their topics we set project challenges. These tasks allow children to be creative, present their learning in interesting ways and are celebrated through displays around the school. Children all have a school homework book and a planner for parents to communicate home reading and messages. ‘Regular homework is completed diligently and parents are knowledgeable and informed about their child’s learning in order to support them effectively.’ Ofsted 2014