At Coupe Green, we aim to ignite the children’s curiosity to know more about the past, encourage them to ask questions and enable them to have a better understanding of the society in which they live as well as that of the wider world. All our children will gain knowledge and a coherent understanding of people, events and periods in history whilst being provided with opportunities to interpret information from different sources, evaluate and communicate historical information as well as develop methods of historical enquiry.

As part of our curriculum development, we have identified a set of key concepts that children will repeatedly revisit throughout their time at Coupe Green. These ‘golden threads’ allow children to make connections between time periods, draw conclusions and develop a deeper understanding of these concepts. The key concepts covered through our History curriculum are: chronology, changes over time, hierarchy and invasion.

Please click the links below to view our History Policy, History Curriculum Progression Map and our History Unit Overviews.

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