At Coupe Green Primary School, we believe the teaching of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) as well as Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is integral to children’s development and wellbeing. PSHE is at the core of what we do and enables our children to become well-rounded and cope with the demands of modern life. Our PSHE and RSE curriculum provides our children with the strong foundations required to play a positive role in our school and the wider community. As a school we ensure the teaching of PSHE is weaved through our curriculum and caters for the needs of all pupils.

The teaching of RSE is also of vital importance and ensures that our children are taught the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships, with particular emphasis on friendships, family relationships, and relationships with other children and adults.

When developing our RSE policy, we consulted with our parents and Governors to get their views on the details of this policy. You can find the parental consultation document below as well as the results of our parental questionnaire.

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At Coupe Green, we teach 6 different PSHE / RSE units each year (one each half-term) following the Kapow Primary Scheme of Work. These comprise of; ‘Online Safety,’ ‘Family and Relationships,’ ‘Health and Wellbeing,’ ‘Citizenship,’ ‘Economic Wellbeing’ and ‘Safety and the Changing Body.’ Each unit is delivered across school during the same half-term, this enables the learning message to be reinforced through whole school activities, such as assemblies. PSHE lessons are delivered weekly and are structured around a mindful, respectful and open approach to encourage discussion and focus on what it takes to develop physically, mentally and spiritually as a human being. You can view our long term curriculum maps below.

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We also place great emphasis on supporting pupils’ transition through school and onto their secondary education. As such, we ensure there are dedicated transition lessons in the summer term each year where children can discuss and explore the changes they may be facing. Our year 6 pupils also receive an enhanced transition with weekly transition sessions during the summer term as well as visits to their chosen high school.

Across KS1 we have a one-year programme of work whereas children in our mixed-age classes in KS2 follow a two-year rolling cycle. This allows there to be a clear progression in both knowledge and skills across all classes and year groups. Due to the nature of the topics covered in our RSE units and to allow for age-appropriate discussion, children are taught in year group classes rather than their usual mixed-age classes.

As well as this, PSHE is integrated into curriculum plans for Science, Physical Education and Computing; and it is taught as a spiral curriculum in which children are able to revisit themes and approaches each year, allowing them to process the information and develop the skills according to their needs at their own stage of development. There may be occasions when teachers feel it is necessary to teach PSHE as a result of an issue arisen in their own class and we encourage this where possible.

We want children to aspire, persevere and succeed at becoming the best versions of themselves and our PSHE lessons support children with this.

We recognise that some areas of PSHE and RSE involve specialist knowledge and not all teachers are specialists in this area. To help support our staff with this, all teachers use the Kapow Scheme of Work as a basis for their planning. This ensures clear progression across the school and allows staff to be confident when planning and teaching lessons.

To receive a copy of the Kapow Curriculum Progression document click here or to view example lesson plans, please contact the school office or email [email protected]

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