Our Curriculum Vision

To create a broad, balanced and child-centred curriculum, that fosters a love of learning, inquisitive minds and inspires individuals to have ambition and drive to fulfil their potential. 

At Coupe Green, we endeavour to provide a curriculum that meets the needs of our learners.  Given this, it is never a finished product but one which is constantly evolving, changing and developing. 

We believe childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. We are passionate about ensuring that the children at our school are inspired, engaged and foster a love of learning. It is at the very start of children’s lives where they first develop interests and curiosities. We believe it could be those very early interests that later in life could become a career, a business, a hobby, talent or even a passion and it is our job to ensure we encourage children to pursue their interests. 

We have designed our own curriculum which not only delivers the National Curriculum but also makes sure it meets the needs of our learners and prepares them fully for their onward journey in life. Each year, we review the curriculum plan and, before each unit is introduced, we review again to check it is still the most appropriate, it best meets the children’s needs and fits in with what is relevant locally, nationally and globally. 

You can find out more about each individual subject by selecting the appropriate tab from the menu to the left.

You can also explore our detailed plans for the learning which will take place in each class by viewing our Curriculum Overviews. 

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