Illness in School

When children are taken ill or have an accident in school we will ring parents to inform them of the situation. Every child and situation is different therefore handled accordingly. It is essential for us to have up to date telephone numbers for parents: home, work and mobile to ensure we can contact parents as quickly as possible.

If a child hits their head we will always contact parents to inform them of the situation. If we feel the child is able to remain in school unsupervised this will be suggested to the parent however if the parent would like to see the child and make a decision to take them home or seek further medical advice they are able to do this. However if we feel the child is unable to remain in school the parent will be asked to collect the child.

In an emergency situation parents will be contacted as soon as possible. Our priority is first and foremost the child and there may be occasion where the emergency services will be contacted first to allow the child to receive vital medical attention and then parents will be informed. Where possible the parent will take the child to receive medical attention.

If your child is vomiting or is suffering from diarrhoea, please keep him/her at home for 48 hours to ensure complete recovery.

First Aid

We provide immediate first aid provision and medical care for pupils and school staff. We have first aid boxes that are checked regularly. We have a defibrillator on the school premises. The majority of school staff are first aid qualified. All accidents are recorded and parents are informed orally or with a letter about any accidents or incidents that occur during the school day.

School Nurse

The school nurse visits school regularly to conduct routine health checks. Parents are contacted prior to any medical appointment. Children have visual and hearing tests during their time at school. In Year 6 the children are given the opportunity to see the school nurse if they wish. Parents will also be informed of any follow up action. Our school health team is based at Bamber Bridge.


At Coupe Green we agree to administer prescribed medicines as part of our daily duties. Our policy is that if your child requires prescribed medicine during the school day, you must complete a medical consent form which allows a member of our Senior Leadership team to administer the medicine. We will be unable to administer medicines without the relevant completed consent forms.

Unprescribed medicines are no longer administered by our staff. If you wish to administer an unprescribed medicine such as Calpol, you may come into school administer the medicine yourself.

All medicines must be brought into school by an adult and handed to a member of staff in the school office. At no time should children have the medicine in school whilst unsupervised.

Medical Conditions

Please inform school if your child suffers from any condition that may require medication e.g. asthma, nut allergy etc. You will be required to complete a Health Care Plan with guidance from the school nurse. Please also ensure that any changes in medication are relayed to school at the earliest opportunity, and all medication such as inhalers are kept up to date.


As in all schools we do experience occasional incidents of headlice. Please check your childs hair regularly, and treat as necessary.