Our school ethos is ‘Learning together, Supporting Each other’.  We believe that this includes children, staff, parents and the community. We have a very supportive village community with strong links with local businesses, and we strive to involve the community and parents as often as we can in the children’s learning.


We send a frequent newsletter to parents to keep them informed about school events. We invite you to celebrate children’s work and talents at various times in the school year for example class assemblies, Christmas and end of school productions and celebration of work.

As parents are a key factor in their children’s learning they have a vital role in learning at home. Our staff conduct subject workshops to demonstrate the way that we teach different aspects. For example, phonics workshops to develop an understanding of the way we teach reading or a calculation evening to explain methods we use in Mathematics.

Parents are invited to Parent Pop in Sessions, these are held fortnightly for Early Years, half termly for KS1 and termly for KS2.

We conduct open afternoons where parents and members of the community are welcomed into school to celebrate the children’s learning, accompanied by tea and cakes! The children present their learning to the adults through dance, song, ICT presentations and drama.

We always welcome parent helpers and volunteers to support with many aspects of learning. We are very lucky to have helpful members of the community who enjoy visiting school and listening to children read or tell a few historical stories! Parents help with the scenery, face painting, sporting events and even gardening. The more skills and expertise the better!

We are constantly striving to improve our school for the benefit of the children. We ask for parents feedback after many events and send an annual questionnaires for identifying our strengths and areas for improvement.

On our school website you can access information about the school including copies of policies, holiday dates etc. The website showcases some of the children’s work and the exciting events we have in school.

Our school Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/coupegreenprimary

We update our Facebook page with up and coming events, celebrations of work and information for parents and the community. Here you can also find images of school trips, events and proud moments from classes.


Parent Responsibilities

Parents have a vital role to play in their children’s education – supporting their child’s learning and co-operating with the school. We are very conscious of the importance of good communication between home and school. Thus, the school aims to work collaboratively with parents, so children receive consistent messages about how to behave at home and at school. It is important for all adults on school site, including parents, to model positive behaviour at all times and in particular in their interactions with each other.

We display the school’s rules, rewards and consequence systems and explain them in the school prospectus. We have a Home/School agreement which is signed by pupils, parents and teachers. We expect parents to read these and support them.

If a member of school staff has concerns about a child’s welfare or behaviour, parents will be contacted to discuss the matter. If the school has to use reasonable consequences as the result of unacceptable behaviour, parents should support the actions of the school. If parents have any concerns about their child, they should initially contact the class teacher. If the concern is unsolved or you would like to speak to the Headteacher an appointment can be arranged.

We expect parents to behave in a reasonable and civilised manner towards all school staff, as professionals, and that issues will be dealt in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Incidents of verbal or physical aggression to staff by parents/guardians/carers of children in the school will be reported immediately to the Headteacher and/or Governors who will take appropriate action in line with Local Authority policy.

We ask that parents inform school immediately of any change in personal, medical or emergency contact details for your child. Emails and text messages are sent home on a regular basis containing important information and dates.

Coupe Green we strive to develop the whole child. This can only be achieved through good communication and strong links with parents and carers to ensure that children are happy and thus will meet our potential.