We like to involve the children in every way possible and that includes giving them a voice to give their opinions and ideas. Each class meets termly to suggest ideas about projects, fund raising activities or ways we can improve school.


There are elected children in each class who sit on the school council. They will then share each classes ideas at school council meetings. We also have a Chair, Vice Chair, treasurer and secretary who are elected from Year 6. In order to be elected the children write a speech that they present to their class. There is then a class vote to choose the school council members.

The school council are actively involved in many activities in school. This year they have supported to appoint new members of staff during the interview process and raised £652.18 for our chosen charity, Dogs Trust.

Through listening carefully and respecting the right of every individual to have their opinions and voices heard, we are teaching the children the British value of Democracy. The process of election also reflects the British electoral system. We will also be focusing on environmental issues with eco members of the school council.